John Oliver Exposes Australia’s Gun Control ‘Failure’

In 1996 Australia suffered it’s worst mass shooting event with 35 innocent people killed. Newly elected conservative Prime Minister John Howard faced a choice, he could enact strong gun control laws that might also penalize law-abiding gun owners, or do nothing. He chose the former, and with 17 years of data, the evidence is pretty clear. In the 18 years preceding the 1996 massacre, Australia saw 13 mass shootings. There have been none since tough new gun control measures passed.

Nearly 700,000 guns were destroyed, their previous owners were directly compensated. Any serious gun confiscation effort (or even talk) in the United States might result in a second civil war, but the evidence is clear. After making formerly legal assault weapons illegal, Australia is now a much safer country. “200 less coffins a year on a conservative estimate,” said former Deputy Prime Minister, Tim Fischer.

That brings us to John Oliver’s funny and effective take down of gun nuts in America, who talk in circles, and have no evidence to back up their bullshit claims that guns make us safer. Their usual tactics are to change the focus in the middle of an argument when they can see they are losing the argument. The only problem for this poor guy is that he backed himself into a corner. He sprang a trap that wasn’t even intentionally set. This is must-see television for anyone who likes a good laugh and wants to see sensible gun safety legislation pass the United States congress.

Sensible Gun Safety

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