Senator Johanns Says You ‘Literally’ Shoot People In Video Games

Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) - photo by USDAgovThis week Republican Senator Mike Johanns (NE) said, “I find it so incredibly ironic…” Wait! Wait! I gotta stop you there Senator. “Ironic”? I’m not sure what’s the word you wanted to use. But OK, go on… “That its [background check legislation] proponents think these weapons are a problem in the hands of law-abiding citizens,” said Johanns. “But apparently see no problem with the same weapons being glorified in Hollywood movies and video games.”

Oh no, not one of these arguments again. Really Senator? Is that the best you’ve got to offer? Please tell me you stopped there… Oh, there’s more? — “Where the game is interactive, violent, and you are literally shooting at people.”

Whoa! What? “Literally”? — That must be some brand-spanking new gaming technology. Oh, wait a minute, are we talking about video games or are we talking about drone strikes? Because in the former, I’m pretty sure it’s just pretend. But in the later, yes you are correct, you are literally shooting at people… Well, dropping bombs on them, but close enough.

I think I found the problem with your logic. You think video games are real. See, the rest of us know they are pretend, and therefore, the guns and the violence depicted in these games is not anywhere on the level of the guns and violence in the real world which you are doing nothing about.

/ photo by USDAgov

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