Phillies Closer Jonathan Papelbon Says ‘Obama Wants To Take Our Guns’

I think this can only be described as a moment of mental clarity, a critical expression of a great thinker.

Philadelphia Phillies - Jonathan Papelbon - closing pitcher - photo by Paul HadsallOn Tuesday, in response to the Boston Marathon bombing, Philadelphia Phillies closing pitcher Jonathan Papelbon said, “Today’s day and age, has gotten so crazy, everything. You know? All this stuff going on. And, shoot man, Obama wants to take our guns from us and everything.” I know exactly what you’re thinking — that’s some deep shit indeed. Papelbon continued, “And you got this kind of stuff going on? It’s just a little bit insane for me, man. I really don’t even know how to take it.”

I couldn’t have said it any better. Good thing he’s getting paid the big bucks because I might otherwise doubt his clairvoyance on issues of violence and gun safety. — Athletes definitely are not paid based on their meaningful contributions to important issues.

photo by Paul Hadsall

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