Exxon – When A Company Is This Large, Freedom Takes A Backseat

ExxonMobil - photo by waltarrrrrDoes anybody really believe it’s healthy for capitalism, and more importantly democracy, when one company hauls in a net income of over $40 billion a year? And do you think a company this large, with that much money and power to throw around is not going to disrupt freedom, liberty and civil rights if it suits the interests of the company? And do you think a company this large will not influence government policy, legislation and even local law enforcement? This is not conspiracy theory territory, it’s a simple truth that when you combine human beings with incredibly profitable businesses, you end up with an endless thirst for power.

It turns out journalists covering ExxonMobil’s pipeline oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas have bumped up against this power lust. Mother Jones reports that reporters faced arrest if they did not leave the scene of the spill. The local sheriff’s deputies were apparently relaying an order from the most profitable company on the planet.

Reporters Say Exxon Is Impeding Spill Coverage in Arkansas:

Mother Jones — It was less than 90 seconds before suddenly the sheriff’s deputies started yelling that all the media people had to leave, that ExxonMobil had decided they don’t want you here, you have to leave. They even referred to it as “Exxon Media”…Some reporters were like, “Who made this decision? Who can we talk to?” The sheriff’s deputies started saying, “You have to leave. You have 10 seconds to leave or you will be arrested.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Bow down to your corporate overlords.

photo by waltarrrrr

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