Gallup Poll: Republicans Are ‘Inflexible’ And ‘Unwilling To Compromise’

A new Gallup poll reveals the biggest negative perception facing the GOP, with “inflexible” and “unwilling to compromise” getting 21%. I wonder how they got that idea? Maybe it could be all the filibusters and general obstruction in congress? Or maybe it was when Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said, “I reject the word,” when asked about compromise.

What’s surprising about the poll is that “inflexible” got 26% among self-identified Republicans, higher than Independents and Democrats. Much less surprising is “protecting the wealthy” getting only 2% from Republicans. That compares to 10% for Independents and 20% for Democrats.

Gallup - Republican negatives

And in what likely represents the wing-nut  Tea Party faction of the party, “don’t stand up for their positions” gets 14%, which stands in complete conflict to that aforementioned 26%. This is the turmoil that is the modern GOP.

So why is it hard to get anything done in Washington? I’m looking at you Republicans.


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