The Legal Argument For Marriage Equality

Marriage, as recognized by the state, requires a license and is a legal contract between two people. It should be of no consequence if this legal contract is between a man and a woman or two men, or two women. Because it is administered by the state, that state must abide by the U.S. constitution. Or in other words, a marriage license and the legal contract that goes along with it must not discriminate.

Those who argue against marriage equality have never produced a shred of convincing evidence in favor of their bigoted position. Those who argue against marriage equality are confusing “marriage,” as in, the legal agreement between two people, with “holy matrimony,” which is a religious, specifically Christian, recognition of the union of marriage. Your personal religion may define marriage as between a man and a woman, but do not confuse your personal beliefs with the legal contract that is marriage as recognized by the state.

Conservative Christians can continue to deny marriage equality in their minds and even in their churches, but that is where their bigotry ends. When it comes to matters of the state, the only legal position is that which does not discriminate. Therefore, marriage equality should be recognized by all 50 states. Will the Supreme Court rule as such? They will be hearing arguments for and against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) this week.

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