Tea Partiers: Fox News Isn’t Conservative Enough

Remember when Fox News couldn’t stop talking about Benghazi? It was Benghazi-gate, 24/7. OK, maybe that’s somewhat embellished, but there is little debate over whether Fox News provided ample coverage of a supposed Benghazi cover-up — well, except for some Tea Party nuts. They believe Fox News is not conservative enough, and they point to their perception of a left turn for the “news” network in the aftermath of the 2012 election.

Why Tea Partiers Are Boycotting Fox News:

The Daily Beast — “Particularly after the election, Fox keeps turning to the left,” said Stan Hjerlied, 75, of Fort Collins, Colo., and a participant in the boycott. He pointed to an interview Fox News CEO Roger Ailes gave after the election in which he said that the Republican Party and Fox News need to modernize, especially around immigration. “So we are really losing our only conservative network.”

Fox News Channel - photo by Adam Fagen

The Daily Beast reports that some Tea Party activists are boycotting the “Fair and Balanced” network, and they have a list of demands to make Fox News the conservative news network that they believe it should be. They want Watergate style investigative reporting on the Benghazi attack. And they want a more thorough investigation into Obama’s birth certificate.

Hjerlied said that “If I want news, I go to Breitbart News and Drudge and I can find all the news I need, very quickly,” and after the first boycott, says he may have “kicked the habit” for good.

There is a conservative bubble, where facts don’t get in, and instead artificial facts about how the world works are manufactured for consumption by conservatives and for conservatives. However, there is a smaller group of so-called conservatives who make the conservative bubble seem permeable. Because this small group of hyper-right-wingers lives in a heavily fortified armory. They are able to lob fact-free bombs from their fortress because nothing can penetrate it. They live in their own world where facts are not derived from hard work and analysis but instead from a consensus of gut feelings about how things should work instead of how things do work.

“We need Fox to turn right,” said Hjerlied. “We think this is a coverup and Fox is aiding and abetting it. This is the way Hitler started taking over Germany, by managing and manipulating the news media.”

And referencing Hitler to make your point is always a shortcut to the land of credibility.

photo by Adam Fagen

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