Rachel Maddow: Obama Receives Israeli Award, Fox News Runs ‘Enemy Of Israel’ Hannity Commercial

Last night Rachel Maddow pointed out that both CNN and MSNBC covered a ceremony where President Obama received the Israeli Presidential Medal of Honor. What was Fox News doing at that time? — They were running a “Hannity” promotional commercial about Obama’s lack of support for Israel, and how it strengthens enemies of Israel. Oh, and this commercial told the captive Fox News audience to expect “expert insight.”

COMMERCIAL: Obama:  The State Of Israel will have no greater friend than the United States. Narrator: But with a friend like Obama are Israel’s enemies gaining strength? Sean gets expert insight on a special Hannity.

I know when I think expert, special, and insight, I think Sean Hannity.

So Fox News says “We Report. You Decide,” except, they aren’t reporting facts. In fact, in this case they weren’t reporting at all. At the same time Obama is honored by Israel, Fox News is still trying to sell its sheeple the bogus idea that Obama is not a friend of Israel, and worse, he is aiding their enemies.

I know, as if we needed anymore evidence that Fox News is bad for your brain.

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