VIDEO: Wealth Inequality: The Viral Video Every American Should See

Occupy Wall Street focused our attention on growing wealth inequality in America. The Occupy movement may no longer be in the headlines, but inequality in America has not gone anywhere. The following video demonstrates this imbalance in easy to understand graphical form.

I’d like to find out who the 994 assholes are who “dislike” this video on YouTube. Go ahead, dislike wealth inequality. But dislike a video presenting the cold hard truth?


The top 1% of America has 40% of the wealth.

The bottom 80% of America, that’s 8 out of 10 Americans, has only 7% of the wealth combined.

The richest 1% took home 24% of the country’s income in 2012. In 1976 they took home only 9%.

The average CEO now makes 380x the average worker. (That must mean the CEO works 380x harder, right?)


We certainly don’t have to go all the way to socialism to find something that is fair for hard-working Americans.

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