Will The Debt ‘Squeeze Out All Future Investment’?

On tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, GOP strategist and MSNBC contributor, Steve Schmidt, said the debt “is a profound threat to the future of this country.” He continued, “It will squeeze out all future investment into education, into science.”

Funny, I thought it was the Republican Party, not the debt, that is responsible for squeezing out investments in America’s future. I mean, aren’t we already neglecting education and science? Aren’t we already jeopardizing our future because Republicans insist we have a spending problem?

Whether it’s a manufactured crisis that hurts the economy, hence increasing our debt, or not working with President Obama on creating jobs, like ignoring the American Jobs Act, Republicans are hard at work doing what they can to ensure a bleak future for all Americans. Well, all Americans who are not filthy rich, that is.


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