Assault Weapons: No One Needs Those Guns

On Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow’s guests were the siblings of Newtown shooting victim Victoria Soto, who was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Rachel asked Carlos Matthew Soto, brother of Victoria, what he would like to see congress change. “It would probably be the assault weapon ban. Just because, no one needs those guns,” said Soto. “There’s no reason to have them unless your military.”

And that sums up my position as well. This is actually one area where evidence and data are meaningless to me. And let me tell you, I don’t brush evidence aside easily. But I simply don’t care if you can make a case against assault weapons on data alone because these tools of death do not belong in the hands of civilians.

Assault weapons exist for one purpose, doing as much damage as possible, in a short period of time, and with minimal effort. I don’t care if you’ve invented sporting ways to use these enablers of human carnage. I say find another sport.

Sensible Gun Safety

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