Only 6 Percent Of Americans Know The Deficit Is Getting Smaller

So I’m watching Rachel Maddow, and she cites a Bloomberg poll that shows only 6 percent of Americans know the federal deficit is decreasing. — Yeah, that sounds about right. — And now you see why we can’t get anything done. Americans don’t pay attention unless it’s a sport or has the last name of Kardashian.

Yes folks, the deficit has gone down, nearly cut in half as a percent of GDP during Obama’s tenure. But if you ask the average American, they will be happy to inform you that the deficit is increasing because spending is out of control.

And do you know who is very happy about this? — Republicans. They count on ignorance. In fact, a large dose of obtuseness is a requirement if Republicans are going to remain a viable political party.

So congratulations GOP on birthing a moron nation.

ignorance - photo by John Haydon

photo by John Haydon


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