Selling The Iraq War, Not 9/11, Was The Real Farce

A recent post on Facebook from a source who will remain anonymous:

Just to make sure I am clear, some of you believe that 2 planes can make 3 buildings fall into their own footprint in seconds, the black boxes vaporized but the terrorist passport is ok, 1 can fly around some of the most protected airspace in the world because for some reason radar didn’t work on 9/11 and then a guy who could barely fly a plane made a Blue Angel maneuver in an airliner without scratching the grass or getting caught on video and crashed it into the part of the Pentagon where the people who were supposed to find the missing 2.3 Trillion were located without a shot being fired, then a plane crashed in PA without leaving any bodies, seats, or engines, but AGAIN a terrorist ID survives, all while our government is running multiple high-jack drills at the same time, and all of this was led by a guy in a cave with a laptop who hid for over 10 years, then SEAL Team 6 killed him and dumped him off a boat, and the people who doubt this story are the fools? Did I miss something?

That was one hell of a run-on sentence/question!

OK, so do I have inside information? No. Can I say with absolute 100% confidence that 9/11 was not a secret government conspiracy? No. But that applies to nearly everything in life.

9/11 World Trade Center - photo by 9/11 Photos

What I can say is that people like to believe there is more than meets the eye with events like this. What I say in response is, no, it’s usually less, much less.

The same inept government that people bitch about every day (liberals included) was able to pull this off? I think we read too much into a tragic event like this. People want to make sense of it. There are some people who feel safer in this world if their own government is plotting against them and not a scary foreign terrorist cell.

But the overreaction, at least in police state terms, to 9/11 is not a result of a massive plot perpetrated by the U.S. government on its citizenry. There was however, a terrible farce put upon this nation, but it wasn’t 9/11, it was the selling of the Iraq war. I don’t believe the Bush administration planned 9/11, but in the aftermath, they exploited it to the fullest.

photo by 9/11 Photos


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