McCain’s Benghazi Hypocrisy

John McCain asks David Gregory on Meet the Press if he cares about four dead Americans. And why did McCain ask this question? Because Gregory dared to question McCain’s objection to Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. See, McCain wants answers on Benghazi. He thinks there’s a cover up. When Gregory dared asked McCain to explain what’s being covered up, that’s when McCain invoked his “four dead Americans” rebuke. But John McCain has displayed incredible hypocrisy and bad faith when it comes to his search for answers about Benghazi.

McCain didn’t attend a classified briefing on Benghazi so that he could hold a press conference to complain that he’s not getting enough information.

McCain displayed none of the same concern for the Iraq war, which was “Benghazi times 1000,” to quote Jon Stewart. McCain had no interest getting to the bottom of that massive cluster fuck that resulted in thousands of dead Americans and tens of thousand of dead Iraqis (or worse).

Said McCain in 2004, “Things go bad in wars. Mistakes happen.”

Where’s that John McCain now?

Written with information obtained from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, February 20, 2013


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