Fox Business Host Gerri Willis Calls Universal Preschool ‘Immoral Crazy Talk’

Tell me again that Fox News is completely harmless.

This is what happens when you run a network that allows hosts to one-up each other with sensational falsehoods. Fox News and Fox Business do not care about getting to the truth or keeping things in perspective. There’s good reason why Fox News is the ratings winner in cable news — they are a 24/7 entertainment network.

from ThinkProgress:

Fox Host Calls Universal Preschool ‘Immoral Crazy Talk’

Last week, Fox News attacked President Obama’s proposal for expanding universal early childhood education by characterizing it as a government handout intended to extend “literally, the nanny state” and warned that the president is using preschool to entice a whole new generation of toddlers to vote for him.

On Sunday, the network’s sister station, Fox Business, continued its attacks, as host Gerri Willis called the effort “immoral“:

WILLIS: I have to tell you, I think it’s immoral to make all of these promises, when you know you can’t afford it, we can’t afford it. Preschool for everyone, are you kidding me? We don’t have the money for that! … This is just crazy talk and I think it’s immoral to put this across as something that’s actually doable, when it’s not.


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