Hey Mississippi, Better Late Than Never On That Slavery Thing

Lincoln - movieIn what appears to be another reason for conservatives to hate liberal Hollywood, the movie “Lincoln” has led to ratification of the 13th Amendment by Mississippi. This amendment is more commonly known as the official end to slavery in America. Alright, that’s not fair, I should clarify by saying that “most” modern conservatives support the 13th Amendment. Is that better?

Thanks to ‘Lincoln,’ Mississippi Has Finally Definitely Ratified the Thirteenth Amendment:

Yahoo! / The Atlantic Wire — A middle-aged recent immigrant from India recently set into motion a series of events that eventually led to Mississippi finally ratifying the Constitutional amendment banning slavery. The rousing finale of the movie Lincoln served as inspiration. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. And even though it’s been nearly 150 years since that fateful day in the Capitol in 1864, Mississippi’s becoming the final state to officially ratify the Thirteenth Amendment serves as the final punctuation mark on a dark chapter in American history.

After seeing Lincoln in theaters last November, he went home and did a little bit of Internet research only to discover the Mississippi never got around to actually ratifying the amendment.

Mississippi becomes the last state to formally recognize a ban on slavery, although it turns out it was a clerical error that resulted in the late adoption. See, Mississippi did formally ratify the 13th Amendment way back in 1995.

No word yet on when Mississippi will formally adopt the 20th century.


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