Dick Cheney Approves Of Obama’s Drone Strikes

In what can be described as the only reason needed to be against Obama’s drone strikes, former vice president, and leader of the dark side, Dick Cheney, gives his endorsement of the drone program. It’s noteworthy because Cheney has voiced regular displeasure with Obama’s handling of national security. On CBS This Morning, Cheney said the drone program is “a good policy.” Cheney does not believe any extra oversight is needed, saying Obama “is getting paid to make difficult, difficult decisions.”

Dick Cheney - photo by World Economic Forum

If collateral damage including the deaths of innocent people is not enough, does Cheney’s endorsement resonate at all? I’m beginning to think right-wing media is on to something here. Liberals (well, Obama-supporting-liberals) seem to be displaying a high level of hypocrisy on this issue.

photo by World Economic Forum


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