Winter Storm Nemo: Needs To Take It Down A Notch

First we have the winter storm names, which is just ridiculous. Now we have the sensational headlines like “HISTORIC, EXTREME SNOW” and “DEADLY NOR’EASTER”. Gawker has an amusing piece titled “Snow Panic Has Driven Completely Insane.”

Gawker — You know how sometimes the best way to deal with a ranting, screaming maniac is just to leave him alone until he exhausts himself? It’s time for us to do that with

Yesterday afternoon, The Weather Channel whipped itself up into such a frenzy over the East Coast’s upcoming snowstorm that its website exploded from the inside, vomiting maps, janky mountain graphics, and CAPSLOCKED WEATHER WARNINGS all over its homepage.

In case you missed it, they are called this storm “Nemo,” and it doesn’t look promising for the residents of New York.

Winter Storm Nemo

So I say to The Weather Channel, please take it down a notch. You can accurately report the weather without the drama. You are in the news business, leave the entertainment to Fox News.

Weather cartoon - Mark Anderson

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