Presidential Elections: Red vs. Blue, Conservative vs. Liberal


Not to be Captain Obvious here, but even in the deepest of red states President Obama got a quarter of the vote. Now I know that sounds really bad, but think about it, even in the states that we liberals might dismiss as lost causes, there are still reasonable people. OK, I just ticked off a lot of Romney voters with that statement. Well, I never said we weren’t a divided nation! But I think it’s worth pointing out that the country might be divided by party and by ideology, but it’s not like all the liberals are in the north and all the conservatives are in the south. Likely apparent, but worth stating from time to time.

2012 election map

Take Utah, where Obama got 24.9% of the vote. That’s a pretty poor showing, but that’s still a quarter of Utah voters casting their ballot for the — Kenyan socialist — president. Even in the deep south state of Alabama, the president managed 38.4% of the vote.

Obviously Democrats, and especially northern liberal Democrats, can’t expect to win states like Utah or Alabama, but we need to remember when we look at those red and blue states on an election map, there are plenty of liberals in the south. We liberals should not write off an entire region as quickly as conservatives want to write off large urban areas with their electoral vote rigging plans.

This would be so much easier with a one-party system. - political cartoon by Mark Anderson

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