Regarding Obama: Sorry Fox News, There’s No Buyer’s Remorse

Fox News and it’s contingent of circus clowns and sideshow freaks have fostered a narrative of “buyer’s remorse” when it comes to President Obama. They have nurtured this idea through Obama’s entire first term and now into his second term. They point to things that Obama has done or not done, like not closing Guantanamo Bay, and posit that Obama isn’t following the will of his base. In other words, he’s not liberal enough. Of course this argument contradicts the rest of the Fox News coverage of President Obama where wing-nut pundits throw around terms like socialist and Marxist more times than an infomercial host saying “but wait, there’s more.”

This narrative culminated with the “Miss Me Yet?” meme.

Miss me yet?Wikipedia — Miss Me Yet? refers to a series of roadside advertisements that first appeared in February 2010. It featured former U.S. President George W. Bush‘s image waving and smiling from a billboard over the words “MISS ME YET?”. The billboard initially was spotted on Interstate 35 in Wyoming, Minnesota but soon many more billboards like it popped up around the country. It was first thought to be an internet hoax, but has since been verified as a real billboard ad. The billboard, which rapidly became an Internet meme, has also inspired a series of “Miss Me Yet?”-themed merchandise from online agencies such as CafePress.

But even after reaching its peak, the narrative is now permanently in the DNA of Fox News, at least for the next four years. Just look at their coverage of the second inauguration where Fox News personalities repeatedly made it clear that the crowd size on the National Mall was not as large as the first Obama inauguration. Of course this is true, but it’s also mostly meaningless. It’s not a case of buyer’s remorse. The country did just elect Obama to a second term, and by a fairly healthy margin that nobody expected (nearly 4%). So conservative pundits can continue with this narrative, but time after time they are proven wrong.

Oh, and according to the Melissa Harris-Perry show, that not so large crowd at the inauguration — it was the largest crowd to attend a second inauguration, ever. So much for buyer’s remorse.

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