My Laughable Solution To Fix The Senate Filibuster: The Mainstream Media

It appears Harry Reid, in longstanding Democratic (with a capital D) fashion, is losing his nerve when it comes to substantive filibuster reform. Since it seems we will not get the filibuster reform in the Senate that is required to make Republicans accountable, I suggest an alternate solution — the mainstream media.

And this is why my solution is laughable, because the mainstream media is nearly as broken as congress. But here goes…

Every time a bill goes down to defeat in the Senate even though it received a plurality of votes, all news anchors should spent a few extra seconds and properly report it. Instead of saying that “xyz” bill was defeated 55-45, leaving uninformed Americans left to scratch their heads, anchors should then follow-up by saying the bill fell to defeat because (“insert senator here”) filibustered it. Seems like a simple solution, right? If all news broadcasts and all news anchors diligently reported precisely why a bill failed, maybe a few senators would think twice before filibustering a bill, particularly if their motive is partisan politics and not an actual objection to the bill itself.

Of course, there is a fatal flaw with this plan — it ignores the delusion confirming news network known as Fox News. Even if all other networks properly reported the facts, we can count on Fox News to cultivate and maintain the mass-hallucination that we affectionately call the conservative bubble.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. — Or maybe this could at least make for a subplot on an episode of The Newsroom on HBO?

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