James Yeager Threatens To Shoot People. Is He a Good Guy Or A Bad Guy?

James Yeager, training instructor and CEO of Tactical Response Inc, in a video he posted on YouTube, threatens to shoot people if new gun control measures are enacted.

Turns out this was not such a great idea as state officials in Tennessee announced they are revoking Yeager’s permit to carry a handgun. Oops. So nice job there Yeager! By posting an inane threatening video you unwittingly levied gun control against yourself. So, are you still going to fire the first shot in retaliation? — I didn’t think so.

But I do have a question for the NRA — Is James Yeager a “good guy” or a “bad guy”? I mean, the NRA says the answer to our gun violence is to arm the good guys so that we can take out the bad guys. But who exactly are the good guys? I’m thinking Yeager is now going to get a few less supporters in the “good guy” column if we put it up for a popular vote.

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