The Romney-Ryan Roadside Campaign Sign Problem

So I’m driving to work today along the same highway I use every day to get to work and I see the same two Romney-Ryan signs in the grassy area between northbound and southbound traffic. These signs have been there since well before election day, possibly placed in the ground only days after Ryan was named as Romney’s running mate.

Romney-Ryan Sign

Anyway, as I’m passing these two signs, a thought occurred to me: Who is responsible for removing those signs, and all the other campaign signs staked along roads and highways around the country? Well, if the campaigns and the people who posted these signs that dot our roadways were responsible adults, they would go around and collect them all after the election. We know that doesn’t happen, or at least it doesn’t happen thoroughly.

So who removes these signs? And to be clear, this is a non-partisan issue as signs for Republicans and Democrats litter the countryside. But when you think about who is responsible for this, you are left to ponder — a lot of shit gets done each day like magic. There are services being performed each day and most of us have no frame of reference or any idea who is in charge and no concept of how it is coordinated. Sure, in this particular case we are talking about some stupid campaign signs that are easily removed from the ground, but how many of these signs exist in a given town, township or city? For some locations this is no small task. In other locations they will remain forever, well, at least until they rot away.

This is when my liberal brain goes partisan and visualizes the government workers who are charged with removing the campaign signs of the “government is the problem” Romney-Ryan campaign.

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