House Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill 257-167

The House of Representatives passed the Senate fiscal cliff bill by 90 votes, and it has not gone unnoticed by this liberal that both the Senate and the House votes happened in the new year. It means not a single Republican voted for a tax increase since all tax cuts expired at midnight before either of the votes. How convenient.

This means the Grover Norquist tax pledge is still intact. Yes, this is how congress works folks, at least for Republicans. It shows their contempt for the citizens of this country, and it reveals their calculation that the American public is too stupid to understand or too indifferent to care. It’s cynical yes, but it’s also sound — which is rare.

Oh, and get ready to do this all again in 2 months since this fiscal cliff bill does not address the “sequester” spending cuts. Instead they set a new fiscal cliff date of March 1, 2013.


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