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New Amazon Kindle E-Reader To Have ‘Glowing’ E-Ink Screen?

Kindle Touch - photo by kun530

Devin Coldewey at TechCrunch reports that the next generation Amazon Kindle e-reader to be released later this year will have a front-lit e-Ink display. Coldewey was able to play with a  pre-production version of the new e-reader device and had this to say: The device I saw was crudely camouflaged in a sort of cardboard…
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Reading Is Reading So Why Should It Be

Fahrenheit 451 e-book on the Kindle - photo by unten44

…some of us treat e-books with hostility Radio didn’t kill newspapers, TV didn’t kill radio, and so it follows that e-books won’t kill paper books. When new technologies are created it doesn’t always mean an old technology is doomed to extinction. In our electronic world we tend to forget that the paper book is a technology….
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Retweet Mash-up: Occupy, www c.1995, Kindle ads, music biz, more

Twitter - photo by Rosaura Ochoa

Articles recently retweeted: Occupy Wall Street: It Worked Before—Here’s Why It Won’t Work Now ACT UP’s 1987 Wall Street protest launched five years of highly successful activism. Why the new movement on the street is so different.