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Letter to an Anonymous Internet Commenter

Anonymous - photo by Matt Westervelt

Dear Anonymous Commenter, I appreciate that you took the time to leave your indelible mark on the internet for all to see for all of time. There is no better way to make your obviously well-researched opinions known to the world than to colorfully and inarticulately share them – anonymously of course – on internet message forums and article comments.

Wall Street: Occupied

Occupy Wall Street - Day 2 - Sept. 18, 2011 - photo by Paul Weiskel

Daily updates posted below article. Also see: Occupy Wall Street: Bad Apples In The Big Apple Today hundreds if not thousands – tweets reporting 50,000 are likely incredibly inflated – of activists took to the streets in the Lower Manhattan financial district to Occupy Wall Street. With an emphasis on non-violence, their goal is to return our democracy to the people; to remove the money and big corporate influence corrupting our government. The event – another example of the power of social media – was largely organized through Twitter with the help from the website Adbusters as well as the…
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