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David K. Sutton - liberal political bloggerDavid K. Sutton – Founder, Editor, Primary Contributor

David is also the founder of and primary contributor to “Folly Whack,” a blog exploring the human condition from the irrational to the absurd, “Raving Roo,” a technology ‘How To’ blog, and “David K. Sutton Blog,” a photography blog. His online photography portfolio can be found at “David K. Sutton Photography.”

He also writes on Addicting Info


Steve Schuler – Supporting Contributor

Steve also runs RainingForks Tech Blog, providing “nifty little nuggets of info about how to do things” from a “lifelong professional Computer Guy.”



Incisive commentary

An essential perspective

Smart analysis of far-reaching social, economic, and political issues

That is the The Left Call

We must awaken the American Left. We must DEMAND reason. Because it is the indispensable ingredient of “rational thought” that will shine a light which illuminates our path towards solving complex societal issues.



The Left Call logo by David K. Sutton

The Left Call “Statue of Liberty” photo by David K. Sutton

Most blog post photos are credited within each post, typically culled from Flickr Creative Commons. It is believed all photos fall under “fair use,” supporting “commentary” and “news reporting.” The Left Call does not sell or profit from use of photos. We will promptly honor the request of any owner to have their photos removed should they appear on The Left Call in error. Please use the Contact page for such requests.


DEMANDing Reason since 2010