VIDEO: Al Roker To Rush Limbaugh: Polar Vortex Is Not Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

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In case you missed this one, Rush Limbaugh, who I try not to talk about more than I have to, claimed the media invented the term “polar vortex.” See, because Mr. Limbaugh has never heard of this term, that means it’s not real. It also means it’s a left-wing media conspiracy to do, well, who the hell knows, it’s Limbaugh logic folks.

This is similar to Bill O’Reilly’s recent claim that people do not go to prison for marijuana possession. Never mind that thousands of people do go to prison for pot use every single year. But remember, O’Reilly has that “No Spin Zone,” so he must be telling the truth.

Both examples are typical of conservatives who lack curiosity. As for Limbaugh, he could easily look up the term “polar vortex,” but that would require effort, and more importantly, it would diminish a chance to attack the “liberal” media.

Apparently Al Roker has had enough, so he decided to set Limbaugh straight (courtesy of PoliticsNation on MSNBC):

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