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Corporate Profits Soar, But Republicans Refuse To Raise Minimum Wage

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We know corporate profits are hitting all-time highs, yet here we are having a debate with the protectors of corporate wealth over raising the minimum wage. I feel like responding to these people like Neo responded to Agent Smith in The Matrix. “Yeah, well that sounds like a really good deal. But I think I’ve got a better one. How about…I give you the finger, and you give us a fair wage.” — Wait, I’m getting reports that I might not have gotten that exactly right. Seems I was off a smidgen. Maybe “the finger” part. Two fingers?

According to, “The share of our national income which goes to corporate profit is the highest it’s been since they started tracking it in 1929, while the share going to people – as salary and wages – is the lowest. And the percentage of that corporate profit which goes to Wall Street is also the highest on record.”

So what’s the response by Republicans? — America has one of the highest corporate income tax rates, or some shit like that. Yeah, I feel their pain, I truly do.

You can’t argue the economy sucks, that there aren’t enough jobs, and offer lower corporate taxes as a your solution, while corporate profits are shattering records. You just can’t do it. Unless you wish not to be taken seriously, or you’re a Republican.

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